Issue with Pending Requests

I’m currently facing an issue with pending HTTP requests when deploying my Node.js application on I’ve tried various troubleshooting steps, but the problem persists, and I’m seeking assistance from the community to resolve this issue.

Problem Description:

When I deploy my Node.js application, I notice that all incoming HTTP requests to my application are stuck in a “pending” state and do not seem to reach my server-side code. This issue is causing disruptions in the functionality of my application.

Troubleshooting Steps Taken:

Here are the steps I’ve already taken to investigate and address the issue:

  • Checked my server-side code for errors and confirmed it works locally.
  • Verified that my application’s endpoints are correctly configured.
  • Reviewed the Render’s documentation and community forum for similar issues.
  • Ensured that my application is correctly listening on the specified port.

Additional Information:

  • My application runs without issues locally.
  • I have configured my application to allow all origins for CORS to eliminate any potential blocking.


My colleague replied to this same query raised as a ticket, and it seems you have already solved the issue?


Yes, thanks

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