No logs in LogDNA

since yesterday logs stopped appearing in LogDNA, what should I do?

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We are facing the same issue since this morning. It seems LogDNA had an incident, which they apparently resolved.

Check LogDNA Status:

I still dont see logs for running services. Should I try to re-deploy?

I guess I was unclear.

We still have the same issue in our application as well. We have decided to wait until next week before taking any action.

Oh ok, I misunderstood. I have had some logs appear in LogDNA after deploying a new static side, thats why I am thinking re-deploying might help, but I am waiting for someone from Render to respond before taking any action.

In case it helps, you can now use Render Log Streams and switch to Papertrail, with more providers coming soon.

The issue is on the LogDNA side. We have created a support ticket on LogDNA. I will give you an update once we get feedback and solution from LogDNA. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Since we are going to shutdown existing integration with LogDNA, please change to use Log Streams, which is compatible with LogDNA or other logging solution providers.