Intermittent LogDNA failures with log streams

Since switching from the LogDNA addon to log streams a few days ago, I’ve experience a half dozen or so failures (and thanks for the automated emails!). It seems like a misconfiguration would have led to a hard failure, rather than the current intermittent one. Additionally, I would find it surprising – though not unbelievable – if this were an issue with LogDNA, given that their core business is high-uptime logging.

Is there any chance this is a render-side issue? If not, any suggestions for how to fix it?

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Hey Kai,

We observed intermittent connection failures when attempting to export logs to LogDNA. We’re currently working with them to identify root cause and address the issue.

I’ll keep you posted on any updates.

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This seems to be an issue on LogDNA’s side that they’ve been unable to provide a root cause or mitigation for. There’s unfortunately not much we can do on our end. We haven’t seen similar reliability issues with other providers. I’d suggest switching to PaperTrail if you continue to experience unacceptable connectivity performance with LogDNA.

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same thing here

Log endpoint failure: [ ] (

We could not connect to your logs endpoint and log streaming has been stopped. We will continue to retry the connection every 10 minutes.