logDNA addon not working

It seems the logDNA logging addon is not working. The logs show up in my render logs but they are not being forwarded to logDNA. When I do a build, those logs get forwarded, but the traffic logs are still not being displayed.

Hey Justin,

Sometimes it takes a bit of time before the logs start showing up in LogDNA. Is this still an issue for you?

Hi Jake,

Yes, I am still having this issue. It’s been persistent for the last 2 weeks or so.

LogDNA has been dead for me for the past 3-4 days (might have been longer than this). No history, nor any live tail - any updates?

Hi James, do you mind whispering your account information and we can investigate?

Not sure that whispers are enabled for non-staff users.
Account ID: usr-bth3giu9ph1gumfuk220

User ID works too. You’re right, whispers is only a staff feature. I’ll privately message you to ask for more details.

This might be an issue on LogDNA’s side. We’re working with them to resolve it.

Hi guys, any updates? - I am still without logs for over a week now.

Hi James,

Sorry for the trouble.

I’ve been in touch with logDNA’s support team and they working on the issue. I will let you know when they come back to us with more info.

Hi James,

The issue should now be resolved. Apologies once again for the all the hassle.