Logs are incredibly slow / not updating (and sending old / deleted application logs to Logtail)

Hi all. Two big issues here:

  1. Application logs are incredibly slow in the Render.com interface. I have the /logs page open and it hasn’t updated in 3 minutes. Refreshing the page does nothing.

  2. I connected the Log Streams to Logtail, and in Logtail I see an old application I created while testing Render shooting error logs into Logtail. That application is now deleted from Render, but I am still seeing the logs of it - seemingly like it is still running and trying to boot up (but failing cause of an error).

Any ideas here?

Hi rbol,

We are currently investigating delayed/dropped logs and should have a fix implemented soon.

With respect to the Log Streams from a deleted service, this might be a side effect of delayed logs. The logs were generated while the service was active and were still being shipped to the dashboard after the service was deleted. Are you still seeing those logs or was it momentary?

Any updates here @tyler ? As it stands today I can’t view logs at all, and the log stream doesn’t seem to be sending any data to Logtail.

Last logs in the Render dashboard are from yesterday (May 24th)

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