Production Outage - Postgres Database Unavailable (Ohio)

Our production database went offline a few min ago saying it is “Unavailable” and we can’t access logs either. Now the dashboard also went blank and we can’t even access the account. But I don’t see any issue on Help?

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Is Ohio having problems? Our managed redis service in Ohio is completely unreachable

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Yes, dashboard is unresponsive as is my postgres database

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OK, dashboard and my app now working.

My dashboard is back but database still unavailable

Hi Chris,

I can’t look into this as I don’t have your details to check the status of your database specifically. If you are encountering issues with your services being down, it is best you contact us directly rather than opening a community post. In the case of our dashboard being down like the case was today you can always email us.

We did have issues in Singapore on Wednesday:


Render Support, UTC+10 :australia:

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