How the Starter plan billing works

I have a question about the plan.

If I set plan: starter in render.yml, each Blueprints will be a starter plan, right?
If so, will I be charged monthly for the number of environments?

For example, if dependabot has set up 10 PR environments, will I be charged 7 x 10 = $70?

Thank you in advance.

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

Yes, in the case you described, the Starter plan would be used for the preview environments. If all 10 PR environments ran for a full month, you are correct, that would be $70. However, we only charge for the amount of time the service exists, down to the second. So if your services only exist for a day you would only be charged for that time. You could also set the previewsExpireAfterDays to have preview environments deleted after a set number of days.

Hope that helps


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