Help needed ASAP| Services are not up after a suspension even when the dues are cleared

Hey! One of our latest invoice was unpaid which led to the suspension of our services. It seems like even after paying for the dues, the services haven’t been restarted. Is this a manual process? If yes, please make sure that it is done at the earliest. Thank you.

Billing email-

Why is this a manual process anyway? This clearly means that my services will remain suspended during the weekends and almost half of the day due to differences in time zones or as long as the team decides to not be active on this forum. The absence of a dedicated 24x7 chat/ email makes it so difficult to trust Render as a host and this incident might be the last nail in the coffin for me.

I am sorry I couldn’t get this reply. I would appreciate some help at this point @John_B .

Please open a support ticket by emailing from your Render account registered email - the email you’re using here doesn’t match any platform user,


John B

I did send an email regarding the same. Please make sure that it is resolved at the earliest, since it has been over 14 hours.

All sorted now over DM.

John B

Hey @ultra,
Thank you for bring this to our attention. We just made some changes to make sure when you pay your unpaid invoices your services will be resumed.