Everything suspended because of invoice failed

All our services has been suspended because our first month ended and for some reason the payment did not go through. The card we were using is enabled and works on other services, I tried adding a different card and nothing happened.

What about a couple of days notice before shutting everything down? This is quite extreme behaviour from Render!

We’ve replied to HonzaSterba through a different support channel about the suspension of his services.

We do send multiple reminders that a payment has failed before suspending services, but the emails were getting blocked. I’ve filed an internal issue to provide more visibility for pending service suspensions due to payment failure.


Thanks again to Render support, the main issue here was that our team email address was filled in wrong. Ideally I think Render should send an email to all team member before suspending services. Anyways all is well now our payments are going through and services are working.