Global CDN limit?

Hello there!
I would like to know if i would deploy nodejs app that handles image uploading for profile pictures for example is there a limit on how much data/imgs i can store on this global cdn that is mentioned in free tier? if so is there maybe upgrade in paid tiers? im not quite sure where im able to find this info.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

Only Static Sites currently utilise a CDN. Dynamic sites (Web Services) don’t use a CDN for static assets, but this is planned (please feel free to upvote/comment on the feature request to be notified of updates).

If you are storing uploads you would need a persistent store e.g. a Render Disk or AWS S3 or similar. To use a Render Disk the service needs to be a paid plan.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.


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