CDN vendor change — timing and choice?

In September, @anurag said on the Slack community that, in order to alleviate some problems that Render sites were having, a change of CDN vendors was coming soon. It appears this is still pending. Any updates on when the switch may occur, as well as which vendor is the new choice? Thanks in advance for any such info you could share.

We ran an extensive evaluation of multiple CDN providers and have narrowed it down to two. We’re running pilots with both of them and should be able to decide in the next two weeks. I’ll post here when we know!


We decided to go with Fastly, and are hoping to roll out the integration before the end of the year. Really looking forward to significantly improved CDN performance for all our users.

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Great! That’s the one I hoped you’d pick. :rocket: :tada: :white_check_mark:

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Now appears Fastly is handling my Render static sites. Since there’s been no announcement as yet, am presuming the gradual rollout is still underway, but am glad to see it’s happening. :+1:

How could you tell Fastly was serving it? I just tried deploying a static site but didn’t see any fastly branded headers on the http requests

I used ping and the results showed it was coming through Fastly. It may be that this is happening gradually and, if so, not all sites will show this yet.

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