Creating static site during free trail fails

Hey folks,

I’m using my 7-day free trial to get an idea of how things work on Render. Looks like something’s not quite configured correctly, though, and it’s getting in the way of my testing/evaluating.

As part of my evaluation I’ve set up a Postgres DB and a Node.js web service. I just went to set up a static site to see how that would integrate with the Node.js web services, and got this message:

Payment Information Needed
You have created two paid services on Render already!
Please enter your payment details to create more paid services.

But static sites are free (specifically, $0/mo - Pricing | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers).

It’s not a huge deal, I can just enter my payment details, but this seems like a really common thing for people to want to do: A DB, an API server (Node.js in my case), and a static site that talks to the API. It would be good to be able to eval it without roadblocks.

Obviously I can serve the static assets from the Node.js server, but I’m keen to see how this would really work, and I wouldn’t do that in production (at least, not if I can avoid it). That’s what the CDN is for. :slight_smile: (I’m aware of the static assets feature request that has the status “planned” which I was very glad to see.)

Why prevent creating static sites during the free trial, even if you have two “paid” services, if they’re free?


– T.J.

Hey @tjcrowder, this sounds like a regression. You should be able to create unlimited free static sites regardless of whether you’ve entered payment info. Thanks for letting us know about this. We’ll investigate and follow up.

P.S. I see you already noticed the feature request I mentioned in my previous response!

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Hey T.J., this has been fixed. Thanks again for bringing it to our attention!

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