Preview Environments not Generating


I have enabled preview environments in my render.yaml file. When I create a new PR for my frontend, though, a new environment is not spinning up. Judging by some other threads on this forum, it seems that this is expected when my PR does not include a render.yaml file. Is it therefore expected that preview environments are not possible when I have code in a different repo from my render.yaml file?

Correct, only pull requests for the repo with the render.yaml generate a preview environment. I created a feature request, you could upvote it to get notified of status changes.

I’ve successfully rebuilt my stack so that my render.yaml is at the root and all the code is in the same repo. When I spin up a PR in gitlab, it creates a yaml for PR #1- however, no resources are created, and the syncs tab contains “no syncs yet”- manual sync does not change this. The PR does contain a small change to the render.yaml, I added a couple envvars. Is it possible that’s the problem?

Hi Stephen,

Our free trial allows users to create two paid services (without adding a card). However, to create additional services ( including those triggered by preview environments) we require users to add a credit card.

I’ve made a note to improve how our dashboard handles this condition for preview environments. Sorry for the trouble !

No problem, it was time for us to pay anyhow. thanks for the info!