GitHub branch security settings based on preview links


I’d like to block merging to my main branch if a Render deployment is successful, but the render deployment doesn’t show up in the status checks (as Vercel does) since you seem to be using a different deployment.

Does anyone have an example of a GitHub yaml that waits for the successful Render deployment [and health checks] before signaling OK?

That’s an interesting scenario - where are you pushing the code to? A branch/push request? Because our services are setup to deploy a given branch it sounds like you’re in a chicken and egg situation if your service is set up to deploy main - you can’t deploy main if the code isn’t present in the main branch.

John B

I want to do this on my pull requests / preview links. Essentially if a preview environment fails to start or has its health check return OK, I want to block merging.

or do you mean if a branch deployment is unsuccessful?

John B

ahhh…bit of crossing posting there. That makes sense - we’re not using Github status yet, but it’s certainly been raised -

John B