Preview app deploy fails show up in github as "in progress"

Hi! Our term has been using preview apps since it was in beta, and I’ve recently noticed that when a deploy for a preview app fails, the github annotation still says “in progress”. Could it be updated to indicate on the PR in github that the deploy has failed? Even better would be if a deploy could be a github check, so the PR could be blocked from being mergeable in that case, but I’d be satisfied with the deployment failure being visible. Thanks!

Hey Paul,

We chose to go with Github Deployments because they offer some additional integrations that we plan to take advantage of in the future. However, I agree that blocking merges based on the deployment status could be useful. I’ll open an internal issue to see how we can support this use case.

Can you share the service ID for the server that’s having this issue?

Thanks! The service id for the parent process is srv-c0um7trjbvmbb2h17rbg. There isn’t a PR at the moment that is failing deploys, but I’ll gin one up and update here.

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srv-c1j0mpdc2rvu4sin88h0 is the service ID for a PR that is failing to deploy, but github still shows “This branch is being deployed” and not something like “This deploy failed”

Thanks for the info. I was able to identify and reproduce the error. I’ll work on getting a fix out for this.

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Hey @PaulOstazeski,

This fix has been released. You should see failure statuses in your PRs when your deployment fails.

Hot damn, that’s great! Thanks for a really prompt fix!

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