GitHub prevent Pull Request merging until successful preview environment deploy

Is there a way to prevent a GitHub pull request from being merged using Github’s branch protection rules and Require deployments to succeed before merging by checking that the preview environment successfully ran?

I can see the deployment in the list in the GitHub setting but they’re all named differently, with the pull request number appended, so I can’t select one.


Hi Sean,
I think what you’re asking for is that a deployment for the given PR shows up as a ‘check’, similar to what I have here:

and then, assuming you’re using Github branch protection that could be used to prevent the merge - am I correct?

To set expectation, this isn’t something we have the ability to do at the moment but if I can understand the problem I can raise it with our product team,

John B

I want to be able to check this box in branch protection rules in Github which allows me to only allow merging of the pull request to main if the deployment succeeds.

But I am not able to because each deployment on Render via PR Previews starts with a different name. Is there a way around this or it just what it is?

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