Git repository always cloning?

I realized that as the first step of build, it takes long to just clone and transfer the repo, taking ~50 seconds just for this.

Do you have the same long wait for this? Would love to learn if anyone has found a way to save this time.

Jun 14 09:39:33 PM  ==> Cloning from[user]/[repo]...
Jun 14 09:39:34 PM  ==> Checking out commit xxxxx in branch staging
Jun 14 09:39:37 PM  ==> Downloading cache...
Jun 14 09:40:20 PM  ==> Transferred 612MB in 12s. Extraction took 29s.


Of the logs you shared, the cloning looks like it took about 4 seconds (09:39:3309:39:37), and the rest was the build cache of previous deploys being downloaded and extracted.

The build cache will likely speed up the next part of the build process (not having to install packages from scratch, etc.). But if you want to compare build cache download/extraction timings vs installing packages from scratch, you can use the “Manual Deploy” > “Clear Build Cache & Deploy” option.


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