Deploy timing improvements

I’m trying to optimize my deployment timing but couldn’t find docs about it.

1/ Is it possible to track the time of each deployment? (globaly? with steps?)

2/ Render steps & customization
2.1/ Cloning :white_check_mark:
2.2/ Downloading cache. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: what cache? last node_modules?
2.3/ Running build command ‘yarn; yarn build’ :white_check_mark:
From start to end of build cmd => 29 seconds

2.4/ Wait 1min and 42sec then log “==> Uploading build…” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: what render was doing?
2.5/ Wait 44sec then log “==> Build successful :tada::face_with_raised_eyebrow: what render was doing?
2.6/ “==> Deploying…”
2.7/ Wait 24 sec then log “==> Starting service with ‘yarn start’”

:fire::fire::fire: and it’s up and running :fire::fire::fire:

So I’m wondering what render is doing in some steps and if I could tune a config to be faster?
For instance, I know what folder needs to be deployed… Not all
In a mono repo context, I would like to take just a part of the tree…

Thx for your help :+1:

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Thanks for your feedback on visibility into the build + deploy process. We don’t currently offer built-in ways for tracking deployment times and steps, so you may want to vote for the following feature request:

It is difficult to give tips for speeding up your builds and deploys without knowing the specifics of your service. For what it’s worth, I think that your build and deploy times seem fairly standard.

The build cache consists of anything from a build that’s determined to be the same since the last build, so it doesn’t need to be rebuild. For uploading the build, Render is uploading it to the underlying cloud service.

You might also want to consider voting for this feature request, which will provide better support for monorepos:

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