Clone Another Repository when Building

Hi, I have a quick question.

Can I clone my other repository during building the app?

I have a NodeJS server and I’d like to build it at the same time with the frontend application. In order to do that, I am cloning the frontend repository before finishing the server build. I have tried cloning with script but it always return error that it can’t clone the repository even though I have given Render access to my repositories when connecting the github account.

Anyone have the idea how to fix this?


Nov 4 05:32:44 PM  > opm-webhook@2.0.0 build-web
Nov 4 05:32:44 PM  > git clone ssh:// && cd onepunchman-webhook-frontend && git checkout release/render && npm install && npm run build && cd .. && rimraf ./public && move-cli ./onepunchman-webhook-frontend/build ./public/build && rimraf ./onepunchman-webhook-frontend
Nov 4 05:32:44 PM  
Nov 4 05:32:44 PM  Cloning into 'onepunchman-webhook-frontend'...
Nov 4 05:32:45 PM  Host key verification failed.
Nov 4 05:32:45 PM  fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Raf,
That’s an interesting question.

I guess the first question is why? We only support a single http service per service so you could only run one in a single web service. Typically we see customers deploy a front end and a back end service as separate webservices

John B

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