Domain not reachable after DNS changes from heroku


I’ve just migrated an app from heroku, and the apex domain is not reachable.

the following subdomains work:

But the following do not:

Can you tell what is wrong by looking up the DNS settings? I don’t know if I should just wait for DNS propagation, or if I set something incorrectly.

It’s also confusing as from the render dashboard, all certificates are marked as issued.

Ok, my domain seems to be accessible now.

I’m not entirely sure if that is what solved it but once thing I did was clearing the DNS cache (following docs instructions)

But it still is a few stressful minutes. One thing I’d like to suggest which would help, is not hiding the DNS settings from the service custom domains instructions. Once the DNS have been verified by render, the instructions get hidden. That could make sense if all was absolutely resolved, but since there is a delay, I’m left wondering if I truly set them as instructed to, or if I modified them by mistake after the fact.
Leaving them displayed would allow me to double checked this is not what I should check.

That’s a great suggestion, I’ll see what we can do here.


John B

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