Trouble with migrating custom domains


I’m having trouble with custom domains. I migrated 2 custom subdomains from one service to another (so deleted them on one and added them to the other). Both were verified and the certificates issued.

The problem is that when sending requests to those domains sometimes they reach the servers and sometimes they don’t. When it works I get the root page, but may have some issues loading the individual routes (scripts etc.). When the request fails I get the “Not Found” page. The services is a nginx server that routes the traffic between the other private subservices. When it fails I don’t get the nginx error. All services are in the same region.

I’ve flushed the DNS on google public DNS and checked openDNS if the settings are correct, which they seem to be. This makes me think there’s an issue on render’s side.

I would appreciate some help with this.

Hi Jus,

I’ve responded directly via the ticket that you’ve opened.

For others reading that may have run into the same issue, we’ve opened an incident to address this and our engineers have rolled out an update to mitigate this. We’ll continue to post any further updates via the status page incident.


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