Docker is caching all the time


I’m running a deployment and my repo does not match with the repo being used by the deployment.
I reset my django migrations and redeploy with an empty database by apparently render does not recognize that.

This is a massive problem.


Hi @Ocdtsilv, welcome to the Render community! Can you share the name of the service so I can take a look? Also can you give a little more detail of what you are trying to achieve so I can better advise?


I would prefer not too because of security. Basically render says is checking out the latest main and on the end it’s not. It’s something like 40 commits prior. It’s beyond annoying.

Sorry this is my other account but I’m the same person

Hi @tarsil, would you be willing to DM the name to me? You can also open a secure chat through the dashboard or email it to

Hi Tyler,

I found a way, apologies.

Thank you for your help