Seems like Render misses lots of repo updates

Why is that? My Hugo sag received 4-5 minor updates yesterday. None were rendered and deployed. Latest deploy was 2 days ago. Now, I just did a manual build, but it is visible from my events.

Is this an incentive to get credit cards? No biggee, but if I am in the free tier it should work as the demand I am placing on Render is teeny. One day, I’ll need more and the money will come.

Hello! It’s definitely not intentional that you would be missing out on auto-deploys. This isn’t tied to a credit card at all.

We’re going to be looking into this to try to solve this issue for you. Is there a time when you noticed that auto-deploys weren’t working?

On February 23.

Take a look. I could be wrong. A merge made the name of 2 of the commits kind of funky. So, it could be I just missed that it got done.

Could you visit and make sure that GitHub has access to that repo? That might be causing issues here if the app is misconfigured.

Render has access

  • Lewis

I have one more idea that will maybe fix it- I still suspect that something could be off with the GitHub app connection. Could you try disconnecting from GitHub in your Render settings, then reconnecting by clicking the New button at the top, and then clicking the GitHub link at the top of the next page?

I’m going to continue looking into this, though, and will update you when I find anything. Please post here if anything changes.

It’s a complete mess. I have deleted and reconnected 3 times. The site doesn’t build correctly. It looks like garbage. It works perfectly locally. The local repo and remote repo are in sync. Something is badly wrong with Render.

Render is missing 2 files from the correct hugo build.

Sure, it’s free but I am not going to pay for something that doesn’t work. There are plenty of others to try. I tried Render first and would have stayed if it had worked.

I have deleted and recreated the github repo.

I have reconnected Render to github. I have installed render to the repo. By the way, I have pointed out that your documentation for doing this is completely wrong and you have not fixed it. You must perform this step: Go to GitHub Apps - Render · GitHub and click Configure.

What you document with the two buttons is NOT what occurs. Either build this connect step into the first deployment—you claim it is BUT IT IS NOT—GOT THAT—IT IS NOT. Or just document it. It is not hard to do but without the link, it is not possible.

I have tested with vercel and the build is also broken. Their process works properly, but the build is also wrong. This is what made me suspect the github repo. But, I completely recreated it from scratch.

I don’t know what is wrong. The local repo is clean. The remote and local are in sync.

Everything worked until today. I made a lot of changes today: mostly adding content. Some changes to layouts (html templates). But, these all work perfectly when hugo is run locally.

Since you (and all of your competitors) don’t let us see what you built, we can’t debug what you did. All I can think is I will build locally to a directory and you can diff the outputs and see what is different. I can tell that 2 files are not being generated. Which 2 files? No way to tell.

This all worked a lot better when I self hosted it. It’s really not that hard. Perhaps time to give up on this flaky Jamstack stuff and do things that are in MY CONTROL.

Further, I have diffed local master and remote/master. There are no changes between them.

Something is broken in both Render and Vercel.

Working again. Redeploying I made a change in the target URL and had to update config file.

I am about to make an innocuous change, push it, and see if it is picked up by tomorrow morning.

Render is faster than Vercel. But Netlify does an insanely fast build. But, Render UI is better than both.

Both manage the full connection with Github better than Render. So minor to fix…

It is working and updating after pushes to the github repo.

Glad to hear that things are working now. We’re currently working on improving our overall GitHub flows, and I’m sorry that you ran into these issues.

Good news. I thought I should point out that whether it was something I did (unlikely) or Render did (more likely) it works really fast now. Almost the second I push to the github repo, a new build starts.