"Deploying..." state is stuck and fails with timedout error

My nodejs app is stuck at deploying state for quite some time. Build is successful though.
Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 4.23.50 PM


I’m experiencing something similar, with python runtime. Deploys are successful, service is started, and health check returns 200 as expected. Still the “Events” tab, it says that the deploy failed.

Thanks for sharing. I just noticed that, for me, deploy times out when build is triggered by webhooks. But when I manually trigger a rebuild, it deploys fine.

Hey @skris and @lone-star, we believe we’ve identified the issue causing these intermittent deploy timeouts, and it has now been resolved. We’ve posted an update about this on our status page.

Please let us know if you continue to encounter any issues.

Yes, it’s been sorted.

Thank you!

Thank you, it’s sorted!

The same thing happened just now.

@hari @lone-star

Hi @skris, we’re investigating. Can you tell us the name of the affected service? Feel free to follow up here or in a DM.

Sent you a DM, thanks!

I’m experiencing something similar. All the build logs seem to indicate success but the deploy shows as failed. I can no longer access the service. Would someone be able to help dig into it with me?

Hey there - I believe that this was a result of an issue that we were just having: Render Status - Some Deploys Failing. Things should be working now, could you try to manually deploy your changes again?

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Thanks things are working now :+1: