Build 'in progress' / timing-out

Hi there. Deploying a ‘starter’ web service integrated with git and having an issue - once I push an update, the build gets triggered, everything goes off without an error, but the event status for the deploy is stuck in ‘in progress’ for a long time, and then seems to eventually time out.

Here is what I see in the logs:

As you can see it states ‘Build successful’ and once yarn is run, the app starts to write to the logs… but a few minutes later, Render shuts the app down as it ‘timed out’. This is a critical issue for us right now, any pointers appreciated.

Note the app itself is simply communicating with Discord via discord.js, and is not using express.

Is there something I can do to ensure that render understands that the build succeeded? The documentation is almost non-existent unfortunately, and we are in the process of attempting to migrate over from Heroku.

After failing/timing out, a manual clear build cache and deploy results in the same issue.

Hey there,
You might have more success running this as a background worker as opposed to a webservice. A webservice is expected to expose an HTTP port which is what we bind to. A background worker doesn’t have to bind to a port which is more suited for Discord bots.

John B

This fixed the issue, thank you.

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