Unable to deploy

Deployment not even starting

It is working now i think

I still can’t

Same for me. Deploy does not start.

Same here. Logs are stuck on Deploying…

We’re on it folks - Render Status - Issues deploying services

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Same here. Deploy is timing out since yesterday

What’s the timeline for fix? I have a hot fix that I am not able to deploy!

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Same for me no way to deploy

Been hours, still not able to deploy.

Please see Render Status - Issues deploying services for the latest information. Posting “me too” comments here aren’t useful, we have multiple engineers engaged and are working as fast as we can to resolve the issue here

Hi all,

This incident has been resolved. Builds and deploys are now working as expected. We’re very sorry for the disruption here, and we appreciate your patience as our team worked hard to resolve the issue.

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