Deployment fails without becoming Live

No error, but the deployment fails.

In the middle of deployment ↓

Deployment failed ↓

Full log
Apr 27 07:48:24 PM  ==> Cloning from
Apr 27 07:48:25 PM  ==> Checking out commit 204a5be73a79c45864dc07f4bba5796c16f85947 in branch master
Apr 27 07:48:29 PM  ==> Detected Node version 16.15.0
Apr 27 07:48:30 PM  ==> Running build command 'npm run build'...
Apr 27 07:48:31 PM  
Apr 27 07:48:31 PM  > GYILC.Service@1.0.0 build
Apr 27 07:48:31 PM  > npm install
Apr 27 07:48:31 PM  
Apr 27 07:48:34 PM  
Apr 27 07:48:34 PM  added 24 packages, and audited 25 packages in 3s
Apr 27 07:48:34 PM  
Apr 27 07:48:34 PM  2 packages are looking for funding
Apr 27 07:48:34 PM    run `npm fund` for details
Apr 27 07:48:34 PM  
Apr 27 07:48:34 PM  found 0 vulnerabilities
Apr 27 07:48:34 PM  ==> Generating container image from build. This may take a few minutes...
Apr 27 07:50:46 PM  ==> Uploading build...
Apr 27 07:51:17 PM  ==> Build successful 🎉
Apr 27 07:51:17 PM  ==> Deploying...
Apr 27 07:51:40 PM  ==> Detected Node version 16.15.0
Apr 27 07:51:40 PM  ==> Starting service with 'npm run start'
Apr 27 07:51:42 PM  
Apr 27 07:51:42 PM  > GYILC.Service@1.0.0 start
Apr 27 07:51:42 PM  > node Web/index.js & node Discord/Bot/index.js
Apr 27 07:51:42 PM  
Apr 27 07:51:43 PM  GYILC.Service.Web Https Ready
Apr 27 07:51:46 PM  GYILC.Service.Discord.Bot Ready

This usually happens after about 5 days of creating the web site.
(I tried many times to delete and create the account.)

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

When you say it happens 5 days after creation, do you mean it has been successfully running but then another deploy breaks it?

Deleting and recreating your account wouldn’t make a difference to a service starting. Please could you share the service ID, so we can take a look on our side.



It will not be interrupted by other deployments.

Deployment is in “in progress” state for a while after completion. It will not go “live” and will be in “failed” state.
And this happens most in about 5 days after creating the “Web Service”.

Service ID is “srv-c9gg3is6fj3e0n36bqj0”.

I am using Google Translate so my English may be wrong. Sorry.

Thanks for the added detail.

I can see you’re trying to start 2 services in the Start Command, did anything change to the HTTP server config in more recent deploys?

You’ll need to ensure the Web Service host value is set to and binding to a port (10000 is default) to ensure it can be to be connected to.


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In a recent deployment, the HTTP server was changed from Express to the Https module.
Originally we were going to use the Http module, but we changed to the Https module because we would not be able to access the Web Site.

And now, after deploying with port “10000” and host “”, I got “Live” status and deployed successfully!

Thank you very much!

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