Deploy Error - authentication issue?

A former collaborator setup our Render team account and configured all of our web services. He left the GitHub organization containing the repositories that have Render installed, and now deployments are failing from what appears to be an authentication issue:

"Error: not found:[redacted]

GitHub errors may be caused by an authentication issue with your GitHub account. Make sure your GitHub account is connected to your Render account and reach out to if the issue persists."

I am now the sole owner of the GH organization in question, and while logged in I have disabled, deleted and reconnected the Render app from the GH organization (with access to all repositories) several times without any luck. Additionally, the former collaborator still shows up as “Owner” for each web service under the “sharing” tab in Render, and I am unable to remove them, even though they have left the team.

The repos are definitely connecting because I can see all the branches in the settings panel. So my guess is that somehow the web services are statically tied to the former collaborator’s/owner’s GH credentials(?)

I’m really hoping to not have to rebuild and reconfigure all of the services from scratch…is there a workaround?



Right now this is something that we will need to update for you. I have updated it now, please let me know if you are still having issues deploying

Awesome, working perfectly now. Thank you!