Deleting services not working

Sometimes when I go in to delete services, Render does not delete them. I get a loading indicator on the button but then the service never gets deleted.

For example, I want to delete this service: srv-bqg03508atn8osk4sgi0

Ah it looks like it finally deleted! I think maybe it wasn’t deleting before because it was suspended? Is there a rule where you can’t delete suspended services?

Hey Victor,

There is no restriction on deleting suspended services. I took a look at the logs for your service and it seems there was a temporary network issue that was preventing the service from being properly deleted on the backend. It eventually resolved itself and that is why you were able to delete it on the subsequent try.

Hmm it wasn’t really temporary… It happened > 5 times over a week.

Sorry, I missed that you mentioned this was happening regularly. I took a look at the other attempts to delete the service and saw the same behavior that I initially thought was a transient issue.

Just to confirm: You have seen this same behavior when deleting other services as well, correct? How often does this occur?
How long did you wait for the service to delete before cancelling the request?

I’d like to get to the root cause of this issue, but I think it will require investigating another instance of this issue before it gets deleted. If you run into this again, it would be great if you could reach out before deleting the service so we can take a closer look at what is going on.