[URGENT] Service Not Suspended after Deleting Service

I wanted to test your services by doing a quick deploy of my project.

It built sucessfully and I wanted to quickly shut down the service after it deployed as I already have another instance of it running on another service provider that I plan to migrate from.

I then went into settings, and suspended the service. I checked logtails and the app / backend is still running!

I then deleted the app thinking that would kill it, although here I am 10 mins later still looking at the backend logs on Logtail and the app is still running!

How do I kill it asap!?

EDIT: Service eventualy stopped after several minutes, but when I suspend or delete my service, I expect it to be immediately killed. What happens if my service is having a large amount of errors, It needs to be halted immediately.

Hi there,

That is strange behavior, do you happen to have any timestamps for those logs? Also, did you check to see if you were able to successfully send a request to the service after it had been suspended/deleted?

Hey Tyler,

The app is primarily a backend application, on suspending the service the front end was no longer accessible but the backend was still running and producing errors which I needed to stop immediately.

I was viewing logs in Logtail for several mins after pressing the suspend and later the delete button in the render website UI. I believe eventually the service was halted although it could also be that the logs were no longer being forwarded to Logtail.

Same thing today. Suspended an app at 6:52 (ET), front end website shows “This service has been suspended by its owner.”

Time is currently 7:07 (ET) and logtail is still showing the backend app as opperational and producing logs 15 mins after suspention.

Pressing suspend or delete app should immediatly terminate the server (frontend and backend) just like Heroku does

UPDATE: Time is currently 7:08 (ET) backend has stopped reporting logs to logtail. Seems it takes 15 mins or so to shut off the backend.

May be related to my Support request #17136 if that helps.

Hi trender,

We have had several reports in the past few days of delayed or slow logs and I think that what you are experiencing is related to those issues. Because the logs are delayed, it appears as if your service is still live even though it isn’t. I tested this with one of my services and when I suspended it in the dash the pod it was running on was terminated.

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