Clear Build Cache

Is there any way to clear the build cache on every deploy? For some reason, every time I push any updates to my web service, the build fails. If I go in and manually build and clear the build cache, it works.

Is there a way to specify in my Render.YAML that the build cache should be cleared on each deploy?

Hi patagoniapy,

Currently, there isn’t a way to specify that in your render.yaml however you can trigger a deploy and clear the cache using our API. If you don’t mind sharing which service is having trouble I can take a closer look. You shouldn’t necessarily need to clear the build cache to have a successful deploy.

I am experiencing the same issue. Can we add a UI setting to disable cache?

In my case, there is a bug in Render’s deployment system that was being confused by my render.yaml specifying the free plan after I had manually upgraded to starter via the UI. Maybe check that and see if it fixes it for you

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