For static site, build is successful but cache doesnt get cleared properly

I tried several deploys, via github, manually and manually with clean build cache. In all cases, the build is reported as successful. However, the content doesn’t show up properly.

HTTP header last-modified says 8 Jan, whereas content on that page was definitely edited in the past few minutes (on 9 Jan).

Trying the same URL but adding a random querystring param (cache buster) shows the right content. This says that the cache is at fault here.

How can we manually or programmatically clear the cache?

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Same issue here. Adding cache buster displays correct content. Seems to be limited to the index page.

I saw this issue last night as well. Index page only. Eventually the cache refreshed but it was hours later.

@Rajeev_J_Sebastian @justinsantoro @michaelsmanley
Does the issue still exist?
If yes, we need to check with our CDN provider.

Just to clarify, my pages were not refreshed even a couple of days later.

@Hao-Ji_Wu please do check your DM for more info.