Build cache doesn't pick up changes in build scripts

Here’s another build cache oddity:

I’m deploying a Rails app, the build and start scripts are part of the repo and called .render/web/build.

This works okay unless I edit a build script. In this case, I have to manually do a “clear cache and deploy” for these changes to get picked up.

Is this the intended behaviour or am I doing something wrong here?

It’s of course not too trivial to decide when to discard the build cache and start from scratch, however, the modified build and start scripts are very clear indication that you must discard the cache.

Cheers, -sven

Hi Sven,

Render caches well known paths for native environments. By default, we will download the cache during builds for faster buildtimes. Using the Clear build cache and deploy functionality, we will skip downloading this cache. At the moment, this can only be done via the button within the dashboard. We don’t have additional methods to detect which files have been updated, and skipping the cache based on this. If this is something you’d like to have control over, or see in the future, I would encourage you to submit this feedback as a feature request.


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