Option to "Clear Cache and Deploy" via webhook

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We’re using the webhooks to trigger a rebuild after a change has been made via the CMS of our site. The issue is the rebuild seems to be pulling from cache, so we need to use the “Clear Cache And Deploy” option to get the latest data. Can we specify a “clear cache” flag via webhook, it doesn’t seem like this is possible at the moment.

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Was this issue solved? Your other community post looks similar: https://community.render.com/t/issue-rebuilding-nextjs-static-site-with-clear-build-cache-deploy-option/16343/1

Note you can only send the commit SHA on the deploy webhook: https://render.com/docs/deploy-a-commit#deploying-a-commit-via-webhook.

If you need to clear the build cache you will need to use our REST API to do the deployment: https://api-docs.render.com/reference/create-deploy


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