All static sites are now powered by Fastly!

Hi everyone,

We’ve switched our backing CDN provider to one of the fastest and most reliable CDNs in the world: Fastly :tada:

We evaluated all major CDN providers and determined Fastly was the best platform to build on long term for our customers. By building a site on Render, you get the same powerhouse CDN used by some of the world’s best companies including Stripe, GitHub, and others listed here.

We’re looking forward to rolling out more CDN-driven features this year, including Fastly for non-static sites. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve noticed a speedup for your site in the last week or so!


Definitely seeing the difference, especially in ping times. Bravo!


@anurag I don’t know how your tooling is set up, so pardon if this is a dumb question; but will this have any effect on the issues concerning delays in activating SSL certs for custom domains?

Hey @bwintx,

Can you elaborate on the issue you are referring to?

@jake In recent months when I tried putting a site on Render and applying a custom domain, the process of getting the resulting SSL cert took something like two hours. In at least one case, I had to get some support on your (former?) Slack channel about it. I’ve seen others mention similar situations, so I thought I’d see if the transition to Fastly might help this in any way. (By comparison, I can get such certs to go through within a half hour, often a lot less, on other vendors I’ve used.)

@bwintx Sorry to hear you have been having troubles. Cert generation relies on DNS propagation, which can take a highly variable amount of time. We are currently working on improving the performance and reliability of our cert infrastructure. If you continue to consistently have the issue, it would be great if you could reach out so we can see what exactly is taking so long. This doesn’t seem to be related to the CDN, since the upload and propagation generally only takes a minute or two once we have a valid cert.

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