Build cache (occasionally) not updating

Hello, I’d like to report a problem I’ve noticed every so often with my deploys:

I’m running a Rails app in pretty much the same way your docs say to. Every so often (only happened twice that I know of, out of hundreds of deploys) a deploy will be successful but the changes won’t be there. Dropping into console and checking the files in in vim, I even see that the files on disk haven’t updated (meanwhile, the Events tab shows the latest & proper commit SHA as having been successfully deployed).

Clearing the build cache & redeploying fixes it right up each time, however this is obviously a bit inconvenient. Not a showstopper but wanted to bring this to your attention.

Can you share the ID for a deploy that failed to update? It’s the string that starts with dep- in the URL after you click on the deploy in the events tab.