Deleted files are still served?

Within my build script, I’m deleting some files at the end, but those files are somehow still accessible. Is there a workaround?

Turns out Render keeps public artifacts from previous builds in the cache (which is nice).

I’ve opened a feature request to let us inspect the cache and selectively invalidate files:

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Hi Alec,

Thanks for working with me to resolve this issue. Sharing some more details here.

Render holds on to past assets for static sites so that clients that don’t have the latest version can continue operating properly.

In this case, files that were deleted were present in a past deploy and hence it looked like deleted files were still accessible.

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When the deleted asset represents a product no longer for sale, this can be very problematic. We definitely need more transparency and control over this feature.

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2nd this.

Very bad thing to do. Deleted is deleted.

Still a problem.

This means that a variety of site changes can never be made.

They are probably keying off the repo name so that only starting a new, differently named repo could fix it.

Unless the problem is even deeper.

I’m surprised to learn this behaviour is by design.

I thought it was a case of slow cache invalidation at first.

Hi @bfdes, we’re planning to fix this by giving you the ability to clear out these cached deleted assets with a click. In the meantime, we can clear them out for you when you run into issues.