Enabling pull request previews on repo with existing pull requests

Our org has an app that we’re now hosting on render.com, PR previews are disabled for it.

There are ~15 PRs for the branch that’s hosted, if I enable PR previews, will render.com attempt to spin up a preview environment for all of them? Or will this only happen when a new PR is created after previews are enabled?

Hi Jason,

PR Previews will only be created for requests opened after you enable the setting.

One quick note just to help avoid confusion down the road. Pull Request Previews are different from Preview Environments. Unfortunate naming on our part, but just keep in mind they are separate concepts.

  • Preview Environments - Set in a Blueprint, part of our infrastructure as code
  • Pull Request Previews - Used for individual services

In both cases, Preview Environments and Pull Request Previews are only provisioned for PRs created after the setting is enabled.



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