Auto deploys on Gitlab not working

I have deployed a site and checked multiple times the Auto deploy is on but Service do not deploys automatically on branch commits while to verify if I click manual deploy it works so Gitlab is connected

Is there a bug or any Access related issue ?

Hi Mitesh, we’re not aware of any bugs or issues. Can you please go to and confirm that the Render for GitLab app has been authorized with “api” scope?

Yes just checked Api scope is enabled for Render for Gitlab

Update ? I am looking for It

Hi @Mitesh_Metha, sorry for the delay. If you go to the webhooks settings for your GitLab repository (at do you see a webhook configured for It should be configured with a number of “triggers”, including “Push Events”.

Okay I found the cause you should be Mainitainer at least on gitlab repo you trying to deploy so webhook will be added if you are having role below maintainer everything will work but deploys will not be triggered due to no webhooks hope this helps :slight_smile: