Facing Deploy Error

Hi, Whenever I deploy render prompts the following

Is the System down? My webhooks are also failing.

Hi, my deploys are also failing from Gitlab and manual deploy.

The webhook on gitlab is set up correctly and testing the hook is also responding correctly:
Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 09.13.33

Please have a look at it, I really need to deploy my application quickly.


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Render is back

I can confirm, deploy is also working again for me, thanks

We’re tracking the issue on our status page and believe we have resolved the underlying cause. Sorry for the disruption.

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Seems to be back. I cant deploy again

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I too cant deploy


Same here. But this time it doesn’t show any errors

im starting to lose my faith in render. this is happening too often with no after hours support to fix it. their status page never updates and doesn’t truly reflect uptime

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I agree. Deployed my application on railway.app for time being.

ya i think im moving mine to digital ocean.

Came to investigate Render not picking up new PRs for automatic PR deploys. Seems related to this.

Same here. Render is not picking up new Pull Requests for automatic deploys and manual deploy is starting but getting stuck!

We’re currently investigating this issue. We’ve opened an incident on our status page https://status.render.com/ and will ensure that the impact is reflected in the uptime stats

guys, this happened so many times already… now I’m not able to deploy a hotfix
you are creating big troubles for me :unamused:


I also have the feeling that issues like this are happening more often lately. An outage here and there isn’t a problem but the frequency in which render.com doesn’t perform at all lately leads to lots of trouble.

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certainly making me question if they can handle a production app for me. luckily right now I’m only hosting a staging env on render

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We are hosting our production app and since the beginning Render have several critical issues. I know that Render is recent, but for a hosting company I don’t know if they are making enough quality checks…
We still give Render a chance but if the quality of service does not improve we will reconsider our choices unfortunately.

I hope no one has a negative impact on their business because of this.


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