Auth fails for GitLab submodules

I’m having problems with the deploy of my project. Basically it fails on checking out the GitLab submodules. I didn’t change anything in the repo that could be the cause, but maybe the recent GitLab release to 14.10 has something to do with it!?

From the render log:

==> Syncing Git submodules
remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied
fatal: Authentication failed for ’

It seems like it is using ‘render’ as user name and that in the doc for how to connect GitLab it shows render as user in merge request comments, but in my setup I see my own user name.

We’ve determined that the reason why GitLab submodules was failing was due to a change we made to start using deploy tokens which are scoped for a single project. We’ve reverted this change, and checking GitLab submodules should correctly work again.

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