Render cannot deploy after GitLab account was deleted

The person who set up our render services originally has left the organization recently. We have deleted their GitLab account. Now, all our services cannot be deployed anymore, as they try to clone the repo using the person’s GitLab account:

Jan 19 11:54:18 AM   ==> It looks like we don't have access to your repo, but we'll try to clone it anyway.
Jan 19 11:54:18 AM   ==> Cloning from
Jan 19 11:54:19 AM   fatal: could not read Username for '': terminal prompts disabled

How can we change the GitLab account that is used by a particular service? Recreating the service is not an option for us, as we need to preserve deployment history.

In my opinion, render should not use personal accounts to pull from the repositories, but instead offer a GitLab integration.

Hi there,
Please open a support ticket by emailing as we need to get sensitive information off you to remedy this,


John B