Writing a simple (static) website for people to read my approx 3.5GB ebook. Is render the right choice?

In the last two years i’ve been writing a decently lengthy mathematics textbook. I want to “publish” this book for free as a website without ads where everybody can read it. I am willing to pay a monthly fee to do so, and if it becomes too expensive a patreon might work.

The book is not a collection of static html pages akin to what you might find on, say, Pauls Online Math Notes. Rather it’s read like a proper e-book with a browser that let’s you skim through pages. You can see a video showcasing the current (somewhat temporary, somewhat final) webdesign here [Book is in danish but the general design should still be understandable].

The plan is for the book to primarily consist of two webpages: A front page, and a “browser”. While the front page might end up looking fancy, it is still fundamentally just a static page. I have no plans for logins, cookies, whatever. The “browser” is a page that loads in and displays pages from a given chapter (html-files) as showcased in the video. Really it just needs to reference static files: HTML-files as well as pictures and videos.

The book itself has a lot of videos and therefore a hefty file size of 3.6GB. While I could upload and host the videos on Youtube, it would be highly impracticle, ruin the aesthetic design and feel of the book, load more slowly and generally just not work as well. I am willing to pay extra for the videos to be hosted natively on the site (then played with HTML5’s video-player as is currently done).

I have thus two broad questions:

1: Is render the right choice for me in this particular situation?

2: What are some challenges I might need to be aware of?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Kind regards

From the technical point of view, Render can host any static content including video. Static content will be served by CDN therefore users can access those content with good response time. I don’t see obvious challenges to use Render for your use case.

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