Usage > 100GB for a static site

Hey team,

I have a ReactJS static app. This month’s usage is already over 100GB. Will that degrade the future performance? What should I do if the usage is still going up? Need to have a graceful way to migrate everything.


Hi @damon

There’s no performance penalty for having high bandwidth usage, though bandwidth over 100 GB is charged. From

How much bandwidth can a service use?

Each service is allowed up to 100 GB/month in egress bandwidth (network traffic sent by your code). Usage above that is charged at $0.10/GB. Ingress bandwidth (network traffic received by your code) is always free.

If this usage is higher than you’re expecting, you may want to investigate any large assets you’re serving. For example, video files can be quite large, and a few downloads can add up to significant bandwidth usage. For large media assets like videos, you can often reduce bandwidth by compressing the files when you create them, or use something like transcoding software to compress the files on-demand.

Thanks Dan! One qq, for the same app, which hosting option has a better page loading performance, static site or web service?

If your site can be run as a static site, I recommend doing that since our static sites can take advantage of our CDN.

Got it! Thanks!