Working outside of application context when deploying website

I’m having trouble having my server to deploy. This error keeps popping up;
Oct 19 02:27:29 AM Error: Working outside of application context.
Oct 19 02:27:29 AM
Oct 19 02:27:29 AM This typically means that you attempted to use functionality that needed
Oct 19 02:27:29 AM the current application. To solve this, set up an application context
Oct 19 02:27:29 AM with app.app_context(). See the documentation for more information.

It occurs after it states ==> Running ‘gunicorn run:application’

Hi there,

This will be an issue with your application code, not a Render issue. There is not enough context here to be able answer this question. It may be best if you open a ticket directly with us so we have the ability to access your Render account and see what you are doing.


Render Support, UTC+10 :australia:

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