Hi I am encountering this error message: [CRITICAL] WORKER TIMEOUT

I’ve also seen these errors: “Worker with pid 72 was terminated due to signal 9” and “403 Client Error: Forbidden for url”.

My code works fine locally but on render it runs then eventually timeout. I have an app that downloads lots of data and then ranks words using ML.

Wondering what the cause is and how to resolve it?

I’m using the free plan so I’m wondering if it is a memory usage issue? Will purchasing a higher plan resolve the issue?

Have a similar issue on my side.


It may or may not be correlated with resources usage level, if you want us to investigate, please open a support ticket via the “Contact Support” form in the dashboard.

You can always try to play with the “–timeout” flag in Gunicorn and see if increasing its value reduces the occurrence of those timeouts: https://programmerah.com/gunicorn-timeout-error-1-critical-worker-timeout-how-to-solve-37592/

Render Support, UTC+3

Hi Jérémy, I’ve since resolved the issue. It was a coding issue unrelated to render, you can delete this post :slight_smile:

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