Deployment stuck in Render- Deploying a Flask application

During the deployment settings, I added python as my running command instead of gunicorn, let me know if something is wrong.

After sometime, I get the error as:
Aug 1 06:48:38 PM ==> No open HTTP ports detected.
Aug 1 06:48:38 PM ==> Web Services | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers

Also, I thought flask automatically runs on port 5000 then why it can’t identify any open HTTP ports?
My application ins running fully in local but while render deployment facing issues.

Please do help if anyone can solve this issue. Do let me know at the earliest!!

Hi Sagar,

Could you ensure you’re binding to and not localhost or

The other issue that can sometimes cause this is our automatic port detection not working correctly. You might also try explicitly setting a PORT environment variable to bypass the automatic detection.

See for more information.

Give that a try and let me know if it helps.



I am experiencing the same issue with my Flask application. Did you figure out a way to make this work?

Hi there,

Did you try the solution provided above?

Can you post the errors you’re getting?



Had the same issue here and I realized I need to explicitly set an environment variable named PORT and bind to

I got the same error, this is caused by the development server used, so in production, you need to use gunicorn server : install it locally then add it to your requirement.txt file don’t forget to set the start command as gunicorn app:app instead of flask run

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