Why is render postgres cost about 2x price of heroku's?


standard 2G RAM + 1 CPU + 48 GB, cost 45$/month
Pro 4G RAM +2 CPU + 96G , cost 95$/month

comparing to Heroku’s standard 0, 4G + 64G cost 50$/month, and heroku has Point in time recovery.
I am curious about what additional benefit does render offer on the 2x price


Whilst we want to remain competitive with other services our pricing, we hope we price them fairly based on our cost and the value we provide.

It’s a similar case but reversed when it comes to our webservices plans vs theirs, do you ask Heroku why their Standard-1x at $25 is 3.5 times more expensive than our starter plan? :grin:


John B

I do but for my case database cost more.

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