Where can I tail server logs?

Hi, I am trying to view my server logs to debug an issue with my Node app. In Heroku, I could just use the logs tail command to see a live stream of my logs. Here, you have a “logs” option but it never displays anything after initial deployment, same for Events. I also tried setting up a log stream as per your instructions at betterstack and nothing shows up there either. Can you please advise how I can tail my server logs for a node app? Thx!


We provide logs through the “logs” tab in your service or via log streams, even after the initial build and deployment. These logs primarily consist of the output generated by your application, which may not necessarily include the specific logs you need, such as those at the proxy level. If you require further assistance in accessing specific logs or investigating the issue, I recommend opening a support ticket via the “Contact Support” form in the dashboard. This will allow us to address your concern more effectively.

Render Support, UTC+3

Ok, thanks!

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