Traffic logs in log stream

I have a test static site deployed on Render and a log stream pointing to Logtail. I’m seeing all of the build logs, but no other traffic logs at all. Is this expected?

According to the docs

Render Log Streams forward logs from your web services, private services, background workers, databases, and cron jobs.

I guess one could infer that only dynamic (e.g. backend) content would log, but if that’s the case it really makes debugging static sites a hassle. In my case, I have a Jekyll site (currently hosted on Netlify) that I’m also deploying to Render for evaluation, but it’s serving up the 404 page for all requests. I’m not sure how to debug this without access to the CDN logs. Any ideas?

Hi @obfuscurity, welcome to the Render community! Unfortunately, right now there is no support for additional logs on static sites. We do have an open feature request for this that you can upvote to receive updates and help us prioritize Static Site Logs | Feature Requests | Render.